Sammie J. 'BaeBra' Hoskins - June 26, 1951 - April 7, 2016

Though our Chapter was undergoing a probationary period at the time, BaeBra, a well respected and beloved member of the Buffalo Troopers Motorcycle Club, Phoenix AZ was awarded his full colors by the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcyle Club. This action was in recognition of his long term community service, first as a police officer for over 30 years, and as an active member of the Buffalo Troopers Motorcycle Club, Phoenix AZ.

BaeBra had been relocated to a hospice facility to continue his battle against end-stage liver disease. In that light, our Chapter President, Showpiece, petitioned the National President and Vice President to award BaeBra his colors to show appreciation for his life's commitment in serving his community. The National officers agreed with this action without hesitation, feeling it important to have BaeBra enjoy the fruits of his lifelong labor.

It was with heavy hearts we said farewell and God's speed to our brother, Buffalo Trooper Sammie J. 'BaeBra' Hoskins who was called home, ending his long fight against end-stage liver disease. BaeBra will be missed by many that he has touched over the years, from his days in law enforcement and riding with the Buffalo Troopers, to the family that has lost a loved one.

We honor him and the strong bonds he made with our members, and all that he has done to help grow our Club. BaeBra was always about helping the community, as shown by his years in law enforcement and his commitment to the Buffalo Troopers Motorcycle Club's objective of community service. Mere words cannot begin to express the void created by BaeBra's passing.

BaeBra our hearts ache with the thought of having lost you, yet rejoice in the knowledge that your time with our heavenly Father will be everlasting.

RIH BaeBra, WE LOVE you, WE MISS you and WE WILL ALWAYS remember you.

"Buffalo Troopers," "It's ALL good"